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8 Pool Workouts To Try This Summer

Are you looking to get in shape this summer? Perhaps you have a specific weight-loss goal or you just want to make a healthy improvement? A swimming pool is a great way to stay in shape and with your very own pool in the backyard it couldn’t be easier. There are also many great benefits to swimming that you may not be aware of, some of which we covered in a previous piece, but you can also get into shape using your pool in other ways.

This month at Morehead Pools, we’re going to take you through 8 pool workouts you can try when you opt for an exercise and lap pool from our expert pool building team.

First, let’s start with a few things to keep in mind as part of your preparation.

8 Pool Workouts To Try This Summer

Preparing for a water workout

You can always jump straight in and get your workout going, but here are just a few things we recommend you at least think about before getting started:

  • Get your pool temperature right. Everyone will have a preference for the right pool temperature for their workout, but it’s important to get it right for you. The more comfortable you feel, the more likely you are to complete a full workout. Check out our previous guide to finding the right temperature for your pool.
  • Get the right equipment. This could be in the form of water shoes to give you a better grip on the floor of your pool and protect your feet, or it could be items to give more resistance – such as webbed water gloves – if you’re taking your workout to the next level.
  • Be sure to hydrate. It may seem strange to think about drinking plenty of water before, during, and after being in a pool full of water, but you’re still sweating when you exercise in your pool, you just notice it far less.
  • Do some light stretching. As with any workout, it’s always good to warm up your muscles first. That’s because while water helps to reduce stress on your body during movement, it will still help to minimize the risk of muscle injuries.


8 pool exercises for a full-body workout

Now let’s take a look at eight swimming pool exercises you can implement in your pool that isn’t actually swimming. Most of these require chest-level water, so make sure you’re in the right spot in your pool to feel the benefit without going too deep and putting yourself at risk.

  • Walk in water – A good starter exercise, you can begin by walking from the shallow end into deeper water and back again before the water gets too deep to stand. You should aim to keep your arms by your side, maintain a straight back and walk with a heel-then-toe motion on each foot. This will provide resistance and helps to strengthen your core.


  • Side stepping Essentially a sideways lunge, you should turn to face the wall of your pool and then step as far to your side as you can with one foot still planted. Don’t let your knee extend beyond your toes and alternative which side you move to for an even workout.


  • Water arm raises In a standing position with your shoulders submerged and your arms by your side, begin raising your arms to just below the surface of the water with your palms facing up. You can then reverse this with your palms facing downwards. Add small dumbbells for more weight if you feel comfortable and want to push further with your routine.


  • Pushups – Position yourself at arm’s length from the edge of the pool and place your hands on the edge. Stood up straight and with your feet planted on the floor, you should be able to lower your body towards the pool edge and back up again. You may need to move into a shallower part of the pool if your chest becomes submerged too quickly on the downward part of the press.


  • The bicycle – For this exercise, you’ll need to lean back onto the edge of the pool. With your elbows resting on the sides, kick your legs out and begin to pedal with your feet as if you are on a bicycle. Use your elbows to keep you steady and perform this in an area of the pool where your feet won’t catch on the pool floor while pedaling.


  • Jumping jacks – A classic exercise, but with the added resistance from the water. Start with your feet together, chest-deep in the water with your arms by your side, then jump and spread your legs apart while raising your arms above your head. Jump again and return your legs and arms to the starting position.


  • Leg kicks – Somewhat similar to the bicycle, but this time turn on your front while holding onto either the edge of the pool or a kickboard. You should then be able to kick, alternating between flutter kicks, breaststroke kicks, and scissor kicks while holding yourself in place.


  • Standing knee lift – To finish, stand with your back to the pool wall and your feet planted on the floor. Lift one knee to hip height and then turn that leg out so that it runs parallel with the wall behind you. Return that leg in the same way and switch to working the opposite leg.

Safety tips

  • Only exercise in a pool depth that is comfortable for you and take flotation devices in with you if you are not a strong swimmer.
  • Should you feel any pain, shortness of breath, or dizziness while exercising, you should stop your workout and get out of the pool to rest.
  • If you’re carrying an injury, take it slow with the movements in your workout as this will provide less water resistance to your movement.
  • Never work out in a pool that is overheated (any temperature above 89℉ is considered too warm).
  • Always get professional medical advice if you have an injury but want to create a workout routine — never put yourself at risk.


If you want to get in shape with these handy workouts, why not invest in your very own exercise and lap pool? These are ideal small backyard lap pools or fitness pools that can help you with your goal of a healthier lifestyle. At Morehead Pools, we’re leading pool builders for Bossier City and Shreveport, and in addition to constructing pools, we can also offer repairs and maintenance for your current pool if you simply want to bring it back to life so that you can fully utilize it for water workouts. 

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