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Pool Landscaping Ideas: Things To Consider

Planning a pool can often see your attention drawn to the pool itself and the details that come with the installation of something so grand. But what about the area around it? Pool landscaping is equally as important if you want to complete the look of your backyard.

You can make or break the space with your pool landscaping ideas, so it’s important to consider things carefully at the planning stage. This month, let us guide you through those considerations, providing inspiration as well as tips on things not to do with your pool landscaping.

Cocktail swimming pool

What do you put around a swimming pool?

There are so many options for landscaping around your pool. Here are some of the most common elements you can use, mixing and matching to suit the space you have to work with.

  • Planting – For planting closely around your pool, try and pick shorter plants and shrubs that will be able to handle the odd splash of chlorinated water. Succulents are hardy options, while ornamental grass might add a different texture. If you are keen on taller trees or tropical plants, try to position them further out in your landscaping designs.
  • Decking – Create multiple levels with decking or simply create a terrace close by to your pool. Treated wood will add depth in color and a natural feel to the space surrounding your pool. This is a low-maintenance option and could work out cheaper than paving.
  • Paving – If you want to create a smooth, seamless journey from your home to the pool, paving can provide that stability. There are plenty of stone materials to choose from to help meet your budget and aesthetic, while a paved surround allows you to keep the pool cleaner and add soft landscaping further back.
  • Lighting – Lights within your pool are great, but if you want to just chill out elsewhere in the yard then additional lighting should be considered. You can choose from simple spotlights in and amongst your planting or surround your recreational areas with lanterns and other fire features for a more distinct look.

Pool in winter with fire features

Pool landscaping tips

Need some tips on how to achieve the best-looking, most practical outdoor space? Here are four things we recommend depending on your requirements:

  • Mix your materials – Using too much of any single material could feel overwhelming if you have a lot of space to cover. Try mixing hard elements with soft landscaping, such as paving stones that lead from your decking or terrace through the grass.
  • Try a non-slip surround – Slick paving can be a hazard, so if you know you’ve got kids who will use the pool a lot, why not opt for non-slip paving options as part of your landscaping? Anything with a little texture or smoothed pebbling will help to minimize the risk of accidents.
  • Create entertaining areas – Thinking outside of the pool, you’re bound to want somewhere to socialize and hang out. Create unique entertaining areas with raised decking, terraces, covered sunbathing areas, or an outdoor kitchen and bar.
  • Use plants and shrubs for privacy – We’ve mentioned plants to enhance the look of your space, but they can also be used to improve privacy if your backyard is overlooked or connected to other properties. Climbing vines, tall trees, and even some bamboo all give the feeling of greater privacy from neighbors.

Outdoor kitchen

What not to do with pool landscaping

The options are seemingly endless for pool landscaping, and it’s up to you to personalize your design with a professional pool building company. However, at Morehead Pools, we wanted to provide just a few of the things that we recommend you avoid when thinking about poolside landscaping.

  • Don’t choose plants that shed – It’s easy to go big on plants, but try to avoid those that shed regularly as it will only make it more difficult to keep the pool clean. If you have to get them, make sure they’re planted further back and do a regular sweep of any foliage.
  • Don’t choose plants that attract insects – Planting strong-smelling or pollen-laden plants might seem like a good idea at the time, but if they attract flies, bees, and other insects to your yard in numbers then it will likely make life uncomfortable. Do your research and ensure you keep these types of plants out of your plans to avoid uninvited guests.
  • Don’t forget about safety for kids – Always keep safety in mind when you have children who will be using the pool. Your designs for any pool landscaping should factor in fencing around the pool and materials that minimize the risk of injury – that means no sharp edges and plenty of softer areas in which they can play.

Custom home spa with water features

Here at Morehead Pools, we’re part of the Master Pools Guild and have years of experience in designing pools as well as pool landscaping. We can help you create the perfect space whether you want somewhere to socialize, for the kids to play, or simply a beautiful landscape to look upon. 

We work with homeowners across Shreveport, Bossier City, and the surrounding region, so call today and book your appointment with our design team.

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