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Testing The Pool Water

Testing the ph level of your swimming pool

Testing the pool water should become a routine part of your week, and a basic at-home testing kit is easy to come by. Here are a few testing tips from the professionals to get the most accurate results.

  • The best time to test the pool water is at dusk.
  • Make sure to choose an area of the pool where water does not come back from the filter, preferably the deep end and submerse the kit elbow deep.
  • When you open your kit, be sure not to drop any water on the testing strips as they will become contaminated.
  • Wait at least four hours after swimmers have left before you test the water.
  • Wait at least eight to 12 hours after a rain or windstorm before you test the water.
  • Weekends aren’t the best time to test as neighbors mow their lawn or fertilize and if it’s in the air, it can affect your reading.
  • If you have a normal pH reading for three weeks and suddenly get a high or low reading, wait 24 hours and test again. If it’s the same reading then, adjust accordingly.
  • Test your water at same time of day each time you use your kit.
  • Run the pump at least one hour before testing the water.

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