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Top 7 Luxury Pool Design Ideas

As the warm summer heat persists, families across the country are continuing to use their swimming pools as a relaxing retreat. From serene water features to dazzling fire pits, we’re proud to be able to provide you with a custom made, luxurious outdoor space that will be built to suit your needs.

The swimming pool should be the focal point of any backyard. It’s the perfect place to relax with family and friends; whether you all jump in to cool off at the end of a long summer’s day, or sit back with a refreshing beverage on the tanning ledge, a luxury swimming pool is always ideal.

Luxury Pool

Installing a luxury pool requires a considerable amount of planning. From the materials that we use to the features around the outside, you will be fully involved throughout the decision making process. Here at Morehead Pools, we’re committed to providing our clients with high quality, luxury swimming pools that they can be proud of. If you’re dreaming about a brand new pool, we are here to help make that dream a reality.

We’re happy to present you with seven fresh, innovative, and luxurious pool design concepts, all of which are available for installation here at Morehead Pools.

Incorporate elegant waterfalls

Swimming pool waterfall

Water features are an excellent way of adding dimension to your pool. Consider a waterfall to provide an element of tranquility and luxury to an otherwise standard pool. Waterfalls work extremely well when incorporated into a rock grotto or small cave (both of which we at Morehead Pools are able to expertly construct), allowing the water to elegantly flow through the protruding rocks and ledges, and gently pour into the main pool below.

Add a contemporary water fountain

Luxury infinity swimming pool

If you’re looking to add an impressive feature to your pool, a water fountain would be the perfect choice. Fountains quickly become the center of attention, an eye-catching focal point that will instantly add an element of luxury to, not only your pool, but to your backyard as a whole. With a wide range of choices available,we’ll be able to install a fountain that meets your needs.

Invest in an exhilarating water slide

Luxury swimming pool with slide and rock waterfall

A water slide is an ideal choice, especially if you have children. A water slide will immediately bring an element of fun and excitement to your swimming pool, encouraging the whole family to jump in, be active and enjoy quality time with those they love. Here at Morehead Pools, we’ll be able to install a water slide that’s perfect for your family.

Install breathtaking fire features

Fire lantern

Fire features not only add a considerable amount of warmth on a cool evening, but they’re also remarkable to look at. Flickering flames reflecting in the clear, calm pool water can be a spectacular sight to see, making your pool the center of attention. Some fire features can be combined with water features within certain models, adding a further element of luxury to your already impressive swimming pool.

Consider relaxing mood lighting

Luxury pool at night with blue and green lights

Illuminate your luxury pool with contemporary mood lighting. We’re able to install many different lights around your pool that can change color with the push of a button. Mood lighting is ideal for those who prefer to utilize their pool or jacuzzi throughout the evening, after the sun has set. When the light hits the water, it beautifully reflects around the pool, creating a beautiful display, even when your pool is not in use. 

Indulge with a luxury outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchen with hi-tech built in appliances

No pool party would be complete without food, but and it can become inconvenient to keep going in and out of the house with plates of snacks and trays of delicious beverages. Instead, consider installing a kitchen outdoors under a sophisticated covered living space. An outdoor kitchen is an impressive extension of your home, and we’re able to ensure it perfectly reflects your personality. Fire up the barbecue and entertain guests all year round in style with a magnificent outdoor kitchen. 

Soak up the sun with a tanning ledge

Swimming pool with tanning ledge

There are many benefits to having a tanning ledge in your luxury pool. Tanning ledges enable you to relax and feel refreshed without fully submerging yourself in the pool. The water flows gently over the top of the ledge, allowing you to dip your toe in and cool off on a hot day. They’re also highly practical, providing the perfect resting spot for swimmers. Whether you’d prefer to bask in the sun’s rays, or sip a beverage in the shade of a perfectly placed umbrella, a tanning ledge is an understated way of turning your pool into a luxury space for everyone to enjoy.

Here at Morehead Pools, we have a team of APSP certified building professionals who are completely committed to the expert installation of custom spas, luxury pools, cocktail pools, infinity pools and more. We’re also able to construct rock grottos and small caves to enhance any water features you would like to add. Whether you’d like to install a covered living space, outdoor kitchen or fire features to perfectly complement your pool, our outdoor living experts are proud to be able to meet your wishes. For more information, contact a member of our dedicated team – we’ll always be happy to help you achieve a luxurious outdoor space that you can be proud of.

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