Swimming Pool Fountains

At Morehead Pools, some of the most popular water features we install are fountains. Our selection includes traditional telescopic fountains, to bubblers, deck jets, trickling scuppers or cascading sheer descents.

Telescopic fountains shoot water straight up in the air and cause the water to fall all around. This type of fountain is best suited for the middle of the pool (depending on the size) or as a separate stand-alone feature.

Bubblers are small underwater fountains that cause the water to “bubble” just above the surface. These petite features are usually found on the steps of the pool, in the spa, or on the tanning ledge where the water is very shallow. Bubblers are ideal for relaxation as they provide the soothing sound of moving water. These features are also fun and safe for kids’ play as the water flow is very soft.

Another type of fountain is the laminar deck jet. These features create graceful streams of water that arch high into the pool or spa from the deck or surrounding landscape. Laminar deck jets can be paired with colored LED lights to amp up the drama at night and can even be changed to suit any mood!

Enjoy the sights and sounds of trickling scuppers. This type of fountain is smaller and exhibits water flowing out from multiple decorative openings on a surrounding wall.

Transform your poolscape into a personal luxury resort with the addition of sheer descent. In these elegant features, the water pours into the pool or spa so smoothly that it looks like a sheet of glass. Sheer descents can range from just a few inches in size to several feet wide for an abundance of lavish applications, all while adding the tranquil sound of flowing water.

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