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Cocktail Pools

For a client who has limited space but wants to enjoy the benefits of both a standard pool and a spa, the cocktail pool is the perfect solution! These posh pools are ideal for smaller yards. Sometimes called “spools” (spa + pool), they are excellent for maximizing the use of limited yard space while still adding an element of luxury.

With a cocktail pool you can experience the advantages of both a regular-size pool and a spa by having a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors and gather with family and friends. Since these pools are on the smaller side, usually with a surface area of less than 500 square feet, they can be heated just like a hot tub and extend your pool season into the cooler months or even year-round. These petite pools will still need to be cleaned and maintained as often as a standard pool, but due to their smaller size, the cleaning will take less time – giving you more time to enjoy them!

Spools and cocktail pools are becoming more popular, especially in urban areas. At Morehead Pools, our design team is ready to work with you to create the perfect pool or “spool” for your space.

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