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7 Tips for Creating a Relaxing Backyard Pool Oasis

Creating a backyard pool oasis means you’ll have a space unique to you and your family. And with a professional pool builder on your side, you’ll be able to make more memories in total comfort and luxury. If you’re looking for some expert inspiration on how to create the most tranquil, inviting pool and outdoor living space, then look no further.

At Morehead Pools, we’re specialists when it comes to pool oasis ideas, and we’ve got seven tips for you to make the most of your space.

Choose the right pool design for your backyard

No two homes or families are exactly alike, and that’s why it’s so important to select the right pool design for your backyard. From luxury pool designs to smart, sleek geometric designs, it’s all about what you want to achieve and how you’ll most commonly use your pool. You might also want to consider adding a custom spa pool for an additional space to relax and entertain guests in if you have sufficient space.

Swimming pool with in-built tanning ledges

Install outdoor lighting to create ambiance

From the lights you choose for your pool to fire features elsewhere in your backyard, create ambiance once the sun goes down with outdoor lighting options. It’s the perfect way to extend the time you spend outdoors, adding both practicality and atmosphere each and every night.

Luxury Pool

Add a water feature for tranquility

Whether you enjoy the soothing sound of moving water or want something visually stimulating to enhance your pool, there are a range of water features available to you. Waterfalls can be used to create small cascades or even sheer sheets of water under which to swim. Alternatively, water fountains can bring that much-needed sense of tranquility from moving water. 

Waterfall features in swimming pool above screens

Opt for comfortable seating

The placement of comfortable seating around your pool – as well as in it – can make all the difference to how you and your guests enjoy the space. Create a tanning ledge to make more of the hot weather or install a swim-up bar with stools built into the pool — there are plenty of ways to make things comfortable in all areas.

Tanning ledges in swimming pool

Use plants and flowers to create a private paradise

Landscaping the area around your pool can not only bring some more color to your oasis, is can be used to create some privacy for it, too. Small trees and plants offer some shade, but when their positioning is planned with care, they can also help to shield your space from surrounding properties.

Swimming pool with water features

Consider a covered living space for a secluded escape

While we all enjoy catching some rays, there will no doubt be times when you’d like to enjoy your outdoor space without the intensity of the sun. Consider a covered living space in the shape of a pergola or pool house to help you make your outdoor space more functional all year round. You’ll be able to host parties and also recline on your sunlounger even when not using the pool.

Covered living space

Maintain cleanliness for a refreshing experience

Building your ideal pool is just one part of the puzzle, but for a really refreshing pool at the ready whenever the moment takes you, it’s important to arrange a maintenance program. With professional cleaning services from our team at Morehead Pools, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing your water chemistry is always correctly balanced and your pool ready for friends and family to enjoy.

Geometric pool with custom spa, tanning ledges and decrotive archway

For more inspiration and advice on transforming your backyard into a paradise, complete with a swimming pool and outdoor living spaces, contact us today. As members of the Master Pools Guild and with over 50 years of pool design and building experience, we serve homeowners in Shreveport and Bossier City.

Request a design appointment today or call us to discuss ongoing pool maintenance.

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