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All You Need to Know About Infinity Pools

Ever wondered how an infinity pool works? Just where does the water go? And can you fall over the edge? As one of the top 50 pool builders in the US, we’ve got the answers to all these questions and more. This is your complete guide to infinity pools.

What is an infinity pool?

Also known as zero-edge pools or rimless pools, infinity pools are designed to give the illusion of a missing edge. The water appears to flow beyond the edge and into, well, infinity. 

These pools are often built with beautiful horizons beyond the ‘missing edge’. This elevates the aesthetic by having the water seemingly merge with the sea or sky. 

The result is breathtaking. It is no surprise that infinity pools feature in some of the most luxurious resorts in the world.

How does an infinity pool work?

Infinity pool with slide and water fountains

Infinity pools actually have two levels: the main pool, and a basin that is strategically built beyond and below the infinity edge. 

The main pool does have an edge, it is just hidden an inch or so below the top of the water. This means that most of the water is contained the same way as with any traditional pool. The extra inch of water that isn’t contained hides the wall and creates the illusion.

The water that sits above the wall flows over the edge and into the basin below. It is then pumped back into the upper pool, creating a cycle where no water is wasted.

Are infinity pools dangerous?

Infinity pool with stunning background

Infinity pools aren’t dangerous. The missing edge is just a trick of the eye and is no more dangerous than any regular pool. 

Experienced pool builders have a thorough understanding of the relationship between basins and water levels. If you’re worried about safety, ensure you choose reputable, experienced pool contractors who specialize in infinity pools.

Additional safety features can be added to your infinity pool to support weaker swimmers or users with mobility issues. These features include railing, stairs, ramps, alarms, and barriers.

What are the benefits of an infinity pool?

Infinity pool outside house

The main reason people opt for an infinity pool is its luxury aesthetic. When built in view of a stunning horizon, nothing else comes close. Infinity pools offer unrestricted views of the sea, a skyline or a gorgeous landscape. People from all around the world travel to hotels and resorts just to experience the luxury of swimming in an infinity pool (and to take a few photos for Instagram).

Infinity pools are also environmentally friendly compared with many other pool styles. Water isn’t lost off the edge of the pool; it is collected by the basin and ‘recycled’ back into the original pool. The pump that orchestrates this only functions when the pool is in use. This exquisite design means that water and energy are preserved, leading to reduced costs and a smaller carbon footprint.

Can I get a special design for my infinity pool?

Custom infinity pool

Infinity pools can be customized to your specification. Across the world, you may notice infinity pools with additions relevant to the country in which they are located. In Italy, for example, many infinity pools incorporate arches or columns to give the illusion that the swimmer is visiting the ancient Roman baths.

Infinity pools often only have one ‘hidden’ edge, but the illusion can be applied to multiple edges. Creating infinity pools requires extensive structural, mechanical, and architectural detailing, so be prepared to pay more for each additional infinity edge.

What do I need to consider when planning for an infinity pool?

Luxury pool in backyard on summers day

If you’re interested in an infinity pool, consider whether you have a suitable backdrop to maximize the aesthetic. Infinity pools look best when paired with a beautiful view, such as a skyline, landscape or ocean.

You must also make sure you have enough space to build the basin below the main pool. It must be low enough so that it is out of view, but not too low that it fails to catch the water. 

Choose a skilled and reputable pool builder and bring your dream pool to life. Morehead Pools are a multi-award-winning luxury pool builder who were recently named as a Top 50 pool builder by Pool & Spa News. We transform outdoor areas by creating stunning poolscapes and outdoor living facilities. We have decades of experience constructing breathtaking infinity pools, and will ensure your new pool looks every bit as good as you dreamed. 

To start your journey to owning a beautiful swimming pool, get in contact with our team.

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