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Benefits of Adding a New Fire Feature

Fire and water are essential elements, natural opposites, and crucial to the advancement of humanity. So when it comes to your pool and outdoor living space, what better opportunity to bring both elements together?

Fire features for outdoor living areas are a great way to do something unique with the space, but there are plenty of other benefits too. This month at Morehead Pools, we’ll share our four favorite benefits of fire features with you, as well as some of the most popular types of features you could add to your space.

Overhead pool lights

For the warmth and comfort

Imagine yourself cozied up beside a fireplace, but with the stars glistening above, or with the steady, flowing sound of your nearby pool waterfall. There’s no better way to add comfort and warmth to the long evenings than with a fire feature.

Whether you warm your hands by the fire after you’ve had a swim or simply unwind in the backyard with a glass of your favorite wine, it’s a perfect edition for any outdoor area.

For the style and ambience

The practical benefits of fire are obvious, but don’t forget how stunning fire can be. Adding fire lanterns around your pool can add a little flair to the design, while a fire pit creates a different level of ambience once the sun has gone down. Not only will your yard have that extra element of style, but it’ll also have a more welcoming atmosphere.

For cooking outdoors

If some of your best memories are from camping trips roasting marshmallows over the fire, then why not relive those memories with your family and friends in the backyard? You can be the envy of all your neighbors as you cook tasty snacks over your own fire pit whenever you choose; it’ll add a whole new meaning to home comforts.

For extending entertainment hours

While the daylight hours are longer in the summer, in the fall it can seem like you’re not getting as much time to spend in your backyard before it’s dark and cold. With a fire feature, you can extend the entertainment hours beyond sundown, bringing light and heat to your outdoor area. Relax and enjoy your food and drink without having to rush things ever again. Daytime will slip into dusk and you’ll barely notice if you have a roaring fireplace.

Different types of fire features

At Morehead Pools, we have a range of fire features, which means there is an option for every backyard. Take a look at our three most popular choices and how they can be utilized best in your outdoor living design.

Outdoor fireplaces 

Much like your fireplace indoors, these outdoor fireplaces make a grand statement for any space. With a brick design and a standalone chimney, the rustic elegance will draw the eye, making everyone yearn to be closer to the warmth. These are also great when paired with an outdoor kitchen, bringing you the best of both worlds.

Outdoor Fireplace

Fire pits 

Bring back that sensation of being around the campfire with those you love using a fire pit. It creates a perfect focal point away from the pool and, as we mentioned previously, a fire pit is a great way to cook your favorite sweet and savory snacks together.

Fire pit

Fire lanterns

If you want to make a statement and illuminate your pool area with the natural glow of a fire, then fire lanterns offer a stylish look as well as mood-setting qualities. You can choose from different designs, including bowl lanterns or full glass box lanterns.

Fire lanterns

When you need a pool or outdoor living space that suits your lifestyle and goes beyond your expectations, look no further than Morehead Pools. We can help you design your dream space, with fire features an available option to elevate your backyard. We can even help pair your design with water features such as fountains and waterfalls to help you combine the two elements harmoniously.

We operate throughout Shreveport and Bossier City, LA, and are Master Pools Guild members, meaning you get the highest standards of service no matter where you are in the region. Call us today and we can arrange an appointment time to suit you where you can share your ideas for your pool design or outdoor living space.

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