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The Best Plants To Have Around Your Pool

Part of creating an outdoor oasis for you and your family is making the space around your pool inviting. One key element of the design of your outdoor living space should be the plants you choose.

From framing spaces to keeping insects away, plants and trees can serve a variety of purposes — they can even help define the overall ambiance and character of your backyard. This month, let’s take a look at the best plants to have around your pool in Louisiana, as well as some plants to avoid, broken down by the type of plant to give you options.

Keep things simple with succulents 

If you’re looking for something that can be both visually striking but also easy to maintain, then succulents are ideal. Not only do you get some vivid greens, but when looked after properly they’re unlikely to drop leaves, making it easier to keep your pool water clean in the process.

Try crassula and yucca for larger succulents or sedum and aeonium for smaller plants. Remember that while succulents don’t need as much water, they might be better placed where they can get both a good amount of sunlight as well as some shade.


Add movement and texture with ornamental grasses

With a soft tuft and green stem, maiden grass is a good choice for creating some shade in your backyard as it can grow taller than other species and is able to withstand long, hot days. In the battle to keep insects away from your pool, try some lemongrass, known to deter bees and mosquitoes thanks to the fresh lemony scent it emits. Either way, some ornamental grass helps to diversify your planting and looks dramatic even in a light breeze.


Brighten the mood with a pop of color

If you want to make your outdoor area bright and colorful, the lantana tree is a great choice. Not only do they deal with the heat well, but the blossom can flower in a range of colors, including yellows, oranges, reds, and pinks. A southern magnolia is another good option for adding color, but you may want to consider positioning these trees away from the edge of the pool to limit the amount of debris that falls into the water.

Benefits of water features and waterfalls

Use plants to create privacy 

Plants can make a practical impact on the design of your backyard, especially when you want to make things feel a little more private. The bougainvillea vine provides a bushy show of color that you could wind around your pergola or other wooden structures. Thriving in the sunlight, it also makes an aesthetically pleasing option for any outdoor space. For an evergreen vine plant that winds around any trellis, look to star jasmine, which provides a white blossom as part of your coverage and can become drought-tolerant when given time.


Things to avoid in your planting plans

While it’s good to have inspiration on what you should include, you might also want some pointers on what to avoid having around your pool in the backyard. Here are a few tips on types of plants to avoid if you want easier maintenance of your pool and outdoor space:

  • Thorns and spines – Since you’ll often be barefoot around the pool, you’ll want to avoid these types of plants. A cactus or two is acceptable, but give thought to where you locate them in relation to the spaces where you’re likely to walk.
  • Fruiting trees – While a bountiful harvest may be nice, the fruit that drops can become messy and can cause issues in your pool if it falls close enough. Fruit also tends to attract insects and birds, which should be avoided if you want to relax outdoors unbothered.
  • Invasive roots – Plants with invasive roots are best avoided, but if you do go for anything known for having aggressive root systems, such as bamboo, then be sure to have it located far away from your pool and decking to avoid damaging these areas as much as possible. 


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