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5 Common Signs Your Swimming Pool Needs Remodeling

The glistening jewel of any yard, your swimming pool should always fill you with joy and provide you with a personal paradise. But what if you’ve fallen out of love with your old pool? What are the signs your swimming pool needs remodeling?

In this month’s article, we’ll talk you through the vital signs to look for when deciding whether your pool needs a facelift.

Outdated Unusable Pool

Low Energy Efficiency

As technology advances, so does the potential for saving energy. Not only is this excellent news for the environment, but it could also help you keep the running cost of your pool down. Thinking about your current pool, was it built more than ten years ago? If so, it might be time to consider updating your pool to be fitted with more energy-efficient components. This will help to keep your ongoing bills down and promote sustainability.

Damaged Walls

The structure of your swimming pool is one of the most important things to maintain. A weak structure can result in multiple issues, so while it might only be a case of plaster deterioration, it’s always worth checking that something more serious isn’t at fault. Poor quality in building materials often leads to cracks, but the wear and tear on an older pool will also show in time. It could be that you need your pool retiled, or you might need a more significant remodeling overhaul. But don’t lose hope, this could be an excellent time to consider how you can bring your pool back to life!

Dated Pool Design

Was your pool already installed when you bought the property? Over time, your taste in design may have changed, or you might have disliked the design of your pool from the start. If you’ve been staring at your pool and wanting something with more life and spark, there’s never been a better time to have your pool remodeled to reflect your fresh design taste.

Pool Surface Deterioration

Pool Surface Being Cleaned

If you’re noticing more of your pool surface deteriorating, this is a sign that resurfacing may be needed. Plaster is built to last for a long time but will eventually begin to deteriorate over time. This will leave the underlying materials exposed to the chemicals used in your pool and can create larger issues. To keep your pool looking beautiful, and to maintain the structural integrity of the pool itself, consider replastering.

Repetitive Repairs

Have you been arranging for small repairs on your pool more and more over time? Are you facing the same issues time and again, such as cracked walls, broken lights, or general water chemical issues? This can be irritating and costly as the bills begin to add up. By enlisting the help of a professional, Master Pools Guild member, you can get all of these issues rectified as part of a remodeling project. You’ll then be able to fully enjoy your pool again on those long summer days without having to inspect the pool for damage or make excuses for poor aesthetics when entertaining guests.

Never settle for less when it comes to your swimming pool. At Morehead Pools, we can revitalize your pool and your backyard. Our experienced team applies the latest technologies and techniques to deliver stunning results. Discuss your remodeling ideas with us today, and let’s get started restoring your pool into the luxurious escape you dream of.

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