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Five Reasons You Should Have An Outdoor Kitchen

Ever dreamed of having your own outdoor kitchen space but wondered what it would be like? There are so many reasons to have an outdoor kitchen created for your home, and while some people know why they want one, others might be on the fence about the whole idea.

Sheltered outdoor kitchen with fireplace and eating area

To help you visualize how much better your life could be with an outdoor space, and the benefits of an outdoor kitchen in particular, we’ve put together the top five reasons to make the dream a reality. 

Why should I have an outdoor kitchen?

It’s a superior entertaining space

There’s nothing quite like dining outdoors with your family or indulging in a cocktail or two with friends late into the evening. Whether you’re keeping an eye on the kids in the pool while you rustle up some snacks, or you’re cooking up a storm to impress your neighbors as the stars come out overhead, it beats standing around indoors any day of the week!

It expands your living space outwards

For many homes, the indoors and outdoors are kept separate, but with an outdoor kitchen, you’re essentially creating a portal between the two worlds. You’ll be expanding your livable space outwards with solid countertops, grills, refrigerators, televisions, and pizza ovens – the options are endless. You can choose to mirror what you have inside or simply extend what you’ve got out into your backyard with some fun extras.

Smells and mess are kept outside

One of the most frustrating aspects of cooking indoors is the smell and the mess created that lingers afterward. You can avoid this completely with an outdoor kitchen since the smells will dissipate and any mess dropped on the floor won’t be nearly as much of a problem outside as it would be inside.

It adds to the value of your property

It’s safe to say that if you invest in an outdoor kitchen you’re probably never going to want to leave, but the bonus benefit of this is that it will no doubt increase your property value for the future. What you spend now on expanding your living space will impress potential buyers for the future, because who wouldn’t want to buy a house with such an amazing outdoor space already in place?

Savings on your energy bills

Energy usage is something everyone is keeping an eye on these days, but when you’re cooking indoors you’re essentially increasing the temperature of your home. In the summer months, this means more energy spent trying to keep the place cool, but if you had an outdoor kitchen you could side-step that trap completely. Keep the air cooler indoors without as much strain on your air conditioning, saving you money, and enjoy al fresco dining instead. 

Outdoor kitchen ideas

If you’re looking for inspiration for your outdoor kitchen, we’ve got you covered. There are so many ways you can configure your space, and it ultimately comes down to what will suit your lifestyle best. Here are a few examples to get your imagination running:

You could go with poolside countertops and have seating inside the pool for that touch of luxury, meaning you never have to leave the pool for a refreshing drink or a tasty snack. Just swim up to the bar and take a seat.

Outdoor kitchen with pool bar

You could expand on your range of cooking apparatus with all sorts of ovens, grills, and food warming drawers, making you the host with the most.

Sheltered outdoor kitchen with full range of built in appliances

You could make it your personal entertainment spot by adding a television so you never have to miss the big game or the latest episode of the latest breakout shows.

Outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens from Morehead Pools

Spend less time imagining what it’d be like and more time enjoying an outdoor kitchen by getting started today. Whether you’re looking to convert your backyard with a pool and a kitchen, or just a kitchen on its own, look no further than our expert services here at Morehead Pools.

We help you at every stage of the process, ensuring you get an outdoor living space like no other. We’re a third-generation, family run business, meaning our team has vast amounts of experience to bring to your project, whether you need help choosing a layout, materials, or appliances for your backyard.

Contact our friendly team today and start your journey to a completely transformed, totally customizable outdoor kitchen today.

Make Your Dream Backyard A Reality

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