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6 Health Benefits Of Swimming That You Need To Know

Having a swimming pool not only increases the value of your property and creates a social area for family and friends, but it also comes with a whole host of health benefits that you may not have known about. Some of the benefits are great for your general health and others could help you fight off the coronavirus currently impacting many people’s health across the country.

Swimming pool benefits

This month, we’re going to list off six health benefits of swimming that you need to know:

1. Swimming is good for your heart

Classed as an aerobic exercise, we sometimes also refer to swimming as a good cardiovascular exercise – that means it’s excellent for your heart and circulatory system. Regular cardio will improve the flow of blood around your body and has been shown to lower blood pressure and lower the chances of getting heart disease.

2. Swimming helps you lose weight

Female swimming a lap in the pool

Let’s be clear, all forms of exercise can help you lose weight, especially if you do them with enough intensity on a regular basis, so swimming is definitely a good option if you’re looking to slim down. It’s thought that being overweight puts you more at risk of severe symptoms if you contract coronavirus, so it’s a better time than any to try and shed any excess pounds.

Plus, on top of the calories burned, swimming is also a great toner for your muscles since you’re working so many different muscle groups.

Did you know health benefit

3. Swimming is easier on the joints

A lot of people try to compare swimming and running to find out which is the best form of exercise, and while a lot depends on the intensity of your workout, there’s a clear reason why swimming can benefit you more: less joint pain. Because you’re supported in the water and you don’t constantly hit the ground as you do running, you save your joints a lot of impact-related stress.

4. Swimming releases endorphins

Female relaxed by pool

Exercise has been proven to boost our mood and help in the fight against mental health issues such as anxiety and depression because it releases endorphins in the brain. These help to relieve stress and pain, which means you can get this lift from a simple swim in your pool.

5. Swimming keeps you flexible

As we mentioned earlier, swimming helps to work almost all parts of your body, and since you’re extending your muscles in a supported environment, it means a lot of good stretching. This will help to keep you flexible and limber if done on a regular basis.

6. Swimming can help you live longer

While no one is saying it’s a magic fix, swimming is – because of all of the above – linked to a longer life. The University of South Carolina studied the effect of swimming on over 40,000 men and found those who did swim had a 50% lower “all-cause mortality rate” compared with those jogging or not exercising at all.

On top of all the above, a swimming pool shared with your family and friends can help create a relaxing and sociable atmosphere, something we all need right now for our mental wellbeing.

The potential to improve your health is just a phone call away. Contact the team at Morehead Pools today to discuss a premier, luxury swimming pool for your backyard. Our expert design team will help bring your dream pool to life.

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