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How to Maintain Your Pool Through the Winter

Swimming pools require care and attention all year round, regardless of whether you’re using it or not. One of the worst things you can do is leave it untreated and unloved over the winter season. Instead, here are a few things every pool owner should do to ensure a clean and successful opening come summertime.

Getting ready to maintain swimming pool through winter

Add an algaecide to reduce build-up

It’s important to use an algaecide on the last day of your pool’s operation. Add it to the water and run the pump for the next 24 hours – this allows the algaecide to fully circulate and easily distribute throughout the water. If you take steps to reduce the build-up of algae at the end of the season, it will be considerably easier to start the pool up again in the summer.

Winterizing your pool system

If you’re going to completely shut down your pool for the winter and cover it, you must remember to check all pipes and motorized parts, and components. Remove the plugs and drain the water from the filter, pool heater, and pump(s). This will prevent excess water from freezing and subsequently blocking and damaging important elements of your pool. You should also drain the pool water so it sits at about 4-6 inches below the pool skimmer.

Installing the cover

It’s important to keep your pool covered when not in use. Not only will this help prevent both children and animals from falling in the water, but it will also stop leaves, stones, dirt, and other debris from entering, and therefore contaminating, your pool water. Life is made much easier if, in the spring, you uncover a delightfully clean pool and crystal-clear water.

Ensure the safety cover is fitted securely

Ensure your pool cover is fitted securely at all necessary points. If your pool cover doesn’t fit properly, invest in a new, perfectly fitting pool cover or hire one of our professionals to install one for you. You can extend the life of your cover by making sure to keep it free of water and debris.

Keep an eye on the weather

If you choose to leave your pool running throughout the winter, be sure to keep an eye on the weather. If the fall has been mild, add more algaecide and chlorine prior to the cold season setting in. If you use a mesh cover and if heavy rain fell over the fall, then you may find some of the winterizing chemicals you’ve used have been diluted. If this is the case, keep the pool topped off with chlorine and algaecides to ensure it makes it through to spring without a flourishing algae bloom. 

Use an enzyme product

By periodically adding an enzyme product to your pool, you will help to break down non-living contaminants such as pollen and bird droppings that will eventually make their way into your pool. An enzyme product will also help to prevent a waterline ring of grime from forming around the perimeter of your pool.


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