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How To Make Your Pool Better Than The Rest

The benefits of having your own personal oasis in your backyard should be pretty obvious, but how do you set your pool and outdoor living space apart from the rest?

Pool design has come a long way in the last few decades, allowing homeowners to really take things to the next level and make a statement. That’s why this month, at Morehead Pools, we’re going to explore just some of the ways you can create a pool that will blow family, friends, and neighbors away, leaving you with a backyard that you never want to leave.

aerial shot of modern geometric pool | Morehead Pools

Go big with a pool grotto

Plenty of homes feature a pool in the backyard these days, but how many can boast a light-up grotto cave as part of theirs? A pool grotto is a cave-like structure incorporated into the design of your swimming pool, offering a unique feature for your backyard.

With a pool grotto, we can install lighting for an atmospheric swim that feels like you’ve uncovered a hidden spot of tranquility. Customized in terms of shape and stone structure, it offers additional seating, shade from the sun, privacy for an intimate setting, and protection from the elements — imagine taking refuge in the warmth of your pool grotto in the middle of a downpour or swimming to a cooler spot during intense summer sun!

Make a statement with your tile design

Something as simple as your choice of tile can also elevate your pool experience. Whether you love diving beneath the surface to appreciate the intricacy of colors and texture or you like the idea that anyone flying overhead will see the whole picture, you can design your pool any way you like.

Do you have a family crest or business logo you want to adorn your pool floor with? Or perhaps you have an eye for abstract, Art Deco, or contemporary design? Whatever you choose, make a mark with our fantastic range of tile choices at Morehead Pools.

aerial shot of three tanning ledges | Morehead Pools

Live life at the touch of a button

Technology really has changed the way we live our lives, and when integrated into your swimming pool and outdoor living area you can add both convenience and luxury. Why make more work for yourself when you can control almost all functions and features with the touch of a button?

Adjust the temperature of your pool water to make sure it’s ready for your next big event, set the spa jets up for some hydrotherapy, and even control the music system integrated into the pool. Whether you’re in party mode or looking to relax and recline, make it effortless with smart pool technology.

Orchestrate a symphony of flowing water

There are few sounds quite as relaxing or refreshing as the movement of water. That’s why we design pools with a variety of water features to choose from and combine. Cascading waterfalls, elegant arcs from deck jets, and playful pool bubblers can all take your pool beyond what anyone else in your area has. 

We can create waterfalls that act as the main feature of your pool to fall as a sheer sheet of water or small and simple waterfalls that make for relaxing additions to swim beneath — it’s completely up to you and how you choose to make your space unique.

close up of a water feature in stone pool | Morehead Pools

Get the luxury resort feeling with an infinity-edge

The choice of pool shape is in your hands and can sometimes be dictated by your property, but the luxury feeling of an infinity-edge pool cannot be matched. Creating the illusion of your pool water merging into the horizon, if you have the space in your backyard then it’s a stunning visual effect to set your pool a level above anyone else’s.

There is no better sensation than swimming in a pool where the edge of the water appears to vanish as the sun goes down around you. Sheer bliss is the only way to describe what infinity edge pools add to your backyard.

Slide into the fun with a water chute!

Why waste your time in the hustle and bustle of a local pool when your kids can slide down their very own pool slide or chute? By crash landing into your swimming pool in your own backyard, not only can you ensure the safety of your family, but it’s a great way for them to spend quality time having fun over and over again. 

We can customize a pool slide into the design of your outdoor area, creating a space that will be the envy of friends and family alike.

Looking to create a swimming pool and backyard living area with that extra wow factor? Make sure your space is better than all the rest by contacting us at Morehead Pools. As your specialist, luxury pool builder in Shreveport, Bossier City, and across Louisiana, you get our experienced team – who have created over 3,000 backyard paradises already – to help achieve your dreams.

Call us today and let’s talk about what plans you have to make your pool better than any other.

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