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Inspiring Ideas for a Small Backyard Pool


    • You can easily create a pool in a smaller backyard.
    • Custom-designed, narrow, and cocktail pools are typically best for a smaller backyard.

A small backyard doesn’t need to cramp your style. 

If you aspire to have a luxury, custom-built pool for your home, then space doesn’t have to limit you. As long as you know how to work with the available space, you can enjoy a dream poolscape just like anyone else. 

Let’s find out how. 

Small backyard pool ideas | Morehead Pools

Can You Put a Pool in a Small Backyard? 

Yes, you can absolutely put a pool in a smaller backyard. All it takes is some clever design along with knowing which pool types and features will make the most of the space you have. So, let’s take a look at some clever small backyard pool ideas. 

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Best Pool Types for a Small Backyard 

Pool types for small backyards | Morehead Pools

Cocktail Pools

This pool type is one of the most luxurious small backyard pool designs. Sometimes called ‘spools’, this innovative design marries together a pool with a spa, transforming it into a compact all-in-one experience.

These petite pools are:

  • easy to heat
  • shaped to fit any size of yard
  • intimately-sized

Cocktail pools bring that sought-after, sleek look, but on a smaller scale.

Note: For that extra touch of privacy and coziness, why not consider putting a fence around the area to help create and protect the tranquil and intimate atmosphere. 

Narrow Pools

If your space issue boils down to a narrow backyard, then simply select a shape to suit it. Narrow pools can bring a river-like beauty to a backyard, especially when styled with mini waterfalls or water features, or even luscious plant life. Exercise or lap pools are one of the main types of narrow pool – with a sleek shape conducive to swimming laps and getting fit, they will also slide neatly into any backyard, no matter how narrow.

Custom Pools

Of course, you aren’t limited to just one type of shape. Thanks to custom pool design for small backyards, your pool can be tailor-made to suit your space. So, whether you favor a clean, minimal look or a flowing, freeform design, a professional pool builder, such as Morehead Pools, will be able to create a pool that matches the contours of your yard.

Worried about not fitting a pool in your space?  Contact our luxury pool builders today and see what we can help you achieve!

Best Pool Features for a Small Backyard 

Tanning ledge in backyard | Morehead Pools

Tanning Ledge:

When you don’t have a lot of space to spare, tanning ledges are a smart way of transforming a pool step into a usable feature. Tanning ledges are an in-built, shallow area of the pool, ideal for setting up some loungers to bask in the sun’s rays. Acting also as a pool step, they boast the perfect double function that a smaller backyard pool can benefit from. 

Custom Spa:

Relax, recharge, renew. Spas are a welcome respite from everyday life and are the perfect place to restore mind, body, and soul. Because of their compact size, they are an ideal choice for a smaller backyard, either as a standalone feature, or seamlessly incorporated into a wider poolscape. Custom pools allow that extra element of flexibility, as they are built to suit your space – and your space only. 

Water Features:

A smaller backyard pool can still pack a punch, thanks to water features that blend both beauty and fun. To conserve space, vertical design can be your best friend here, so consider water features that integrate into the interior pool walls – whether that’s waterfalls or bubblers. 

How do I Create a Pool for my Small Backyard? 

Can you almost hear the splash and trickle of your new pool? Exquisite design and perfect tailoring are the best way to create a pool that works for a small backyard, using every inch of space to make it shine. 

Here at Morehead Pools, we are a multi-award-winning pool builder and are experts at crafting custom poolscapes for any size backyard. Our designers will consult closely with you to create plans that we’ll both be excited about, covering everything from shape, landscaping, features, and overall mood. By collaborating with an expert pool builder, you will guarantee a one-of-a-kind pool that’s built for your space – however much you have to spare. 

Morehead Pools are luxury pool builders with over 50 years of experience. Whatever your ambitions or ideas, we bring our artistry and industry knowledge to the table – creating a special pool you can call your own.

We’re proud to serve Shreveport, Bossier City, and surrounding areas of Louisiana – simply get in touch today.

Make Your Dream Backyard A Reality

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