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Invest in a Swimming Pool?

Invest in a vacation home

Staycation or Vacation Home?

According to a recent study, an in-ground swimming pool can add 7.7% more to the market value of a home, and as a result more people are choosing to invest their money in a ‘staycation’ paradise instead of purchasing a vacation home.

Sometimes it’s nice to get away, but rather than spending an extravagant amount of money on a second home, you can create a personal paradise right in your backyard for a considerably lower cost. Since most working adults only get two weeks of vacation per year, wouldn’t it make sense to invest in something you can enjoy nearly year-round? Not to mention the convenience that comes with being only steps away from bliss:

  • There are no property management fees
  • No travel costs
  • No packing (or unpacking)
  • No stressing about being somewhere unfamiliar
  • You’re close to the comforts of home because you’re AT home

Swimming pool with covered living space

Your personal paradise can be anything you want it to be! We can help you create a tropical oasis with a free form pool that looks more like a natural lagoon than a swimming pool. By incorporating stones, boulders, waterfalls, caves and grottos with the appropriate landscaping, we can bring the tropics to you!

Swimming pool with slide, waterfall and rock grotto

Custom swimming pool with waterfall

Or if you prefer a more refined, luxurious resort style, we can design for you a poolscape that boasts clean lines, intricate tile detail with all the fountains and fire features you desire!

Geometric swimming pool with lighting and fire pit

Pool with green lighting and fire features

Pool edging with iridescent tiles

By adding custom outdoor living spaces, including kitchens and entertainment areas, your backyard could be the ultimate ‘getaway’ without actually going away!

Outdoor kitchen with bar

Large outdoor kitchen

Make Your Dream Backyard A Reality

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