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Must-Have Water Features For Your Pool

The audible sounds of water have a calming effect on your brain, it’s even been proven by science. For most people, just the sound of running water can have a relaxing impact. It’s part of why we find showers so soothing. 

Benefits of water features

It should go without saying then that, if you have a pool in your backyard or you’re planning to have one built, water features are a must. Not only do they offer different decorative textures, but the sound of falling, bubbling, or rushing water cannot be matched. From small, modest features to something grander, any of our water features at Morehead Pools can bring that extra touch of luxury to your backyard.

This month, to help you create an added layer of tranquillity, we’ll guide you through the must-have water features for your pool and where they work best.

Swimming pool water feature ideas

Water Fountains

Water fountains

Water fountains date back to ancient Greek times, with their elegant, classical feel making them a popular water feature for homes and businesses around the world. You can add any number of water fountains to your pool to bring the comforting sound of water to your yard. We offer a range of water fountain types, including:

  • Telescopic Fountains – These shoot water up into the air, which then cascades back down around the feature
  • Bubblers – A small feature that bubbles at the surface of the water to mimic the calming sounds of a natural spring 
  • Laminar Deck Jet – This feature will send water gracefully arching through the air into your pool


Waterfall features

Found in nature and replicated in your backyard, a waterfall can be designed to match the pool size you have in mind. This provides a constant backdrop of falling water without becoming overbearing. Small spouts around the edge of your pool can create a trickling fall, or, if you’re creating the entrance to a grotto, you can create a full curtain of water for that “wow” effect. 

Tanning Ledges 

Tanning ledges built into pool

Tanning ledges are the only water feature in this list that doesn’t involve actually making the water move. By inserting a ledge into your pool, you create a shallow section where reclining loungers can be installed, this means the sound of the water lapping is all around you as you lie back in the sun’s rays. For greater effect, you can always pair your tanning ledge with a bubbler fountain close by.

Can you add water features to an existing pool?

The answer to this question comes down to what you already have in place and how your backyard has been landscaped. At Morehead Pools, we’re always happy to discuss any plans you have for water features. We’ll be able to discuss your individual requirements for adding water features to an existing pool once we know more about what it is you’re trying to achieve, your budget, and your existing pool configuration.

Pool water features from Morehead Pools

When it comes to adding that extra touch of luxury or extravagance to your pool design, you needn’t look any further than our team at Morehead Pools. We offer professional, expert advice on which water features to pair with any pool style you have planned. We’re a family-run business and have been recognized as a top 50 pool builder in the US.

Take a look at our water features page to explore the gallery of our previous work and get inspiration for your design plans. Once you’ve got some ideas for your poolscape, simply contact us today and arrange a consultation with our team!

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