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What is the Perfect Swimming Pool Temperature?

It can be hard to keep your swimming pool at the optimum temperature all year round, and although there are many methods which claim to help with this, it might not be as detrimental as first thought. In fact, there are advantages to having a pool which is slightly too warm, and one which is a touch too cold. But what are these advantages and does pool type affect the temperature of your pool water? Morehead Pools are on hand to help.

What happens if my swimming pool is too warm?

Having a warm, heated pool is considered a luxury, but it can become a breeding ground for the growth of bacteria and algae. In fact, it can also affect your pool chemistry. It’s important to keep your water balanced to ensure it’s safe for swimming.

Depending on its purpose, competitive swimmers would prefer a cooler water temperature, whereas young children and senior citizens would benefit more so from warmer temperatures. Despite this, the average pool temperature, which is said to be ideal for all, is between 77-82°F. These temperatures are low enough to prevent bacteria from growing, but also warm enough to take the chill off.

How to lower the temperature

Add waterfalls or fountains to your pool – the water action causes evaporation which, in turn, cools your pool water.

Swimming pool with fountains

Partially drain and refill your pool – this often depends on your water source, but this method is highly effective. However, you will need to rebalance your water chemistry. Here at Morehead Pools, we offer quality pool maintenance services for those who need professional help and advice.

Provide your pool with some shade – our outdoor living experts will be able to best advise you on the most stylish methods for shading your pool. Try adding patio umbrellas or planting foliage around your pool.

Take advantage of reversible heat pumps – these are capable of either heating or cooling your pool water at the flick of a switch.

Regularly test and treat your pool water – this will prevent algae and bacteria growth, keeping your pool safe and hygienic at all times.

Leave pool pumps running for an adequate amount of time – run it for around 8-12 hours a day.

What happens if my swimming pool is too cold?

Cooler temperatures can often have a serious effect on our bodies. Where there are some health benefits to bathing in cold water, there are several risks associated with it. According to the National Centre for Cold Water Safety, pool water below 50°F can cause an array of problems, including:

  • Lack of breathing control
  • Shock
  • Loss of concentration
  • Pain

Even temperatures below 77°F can affect the breathing of a swimmer. Water below this temperature should only be used by competitive swimmers who are closely supervised by a professional.

How to raise the temperature

Make the most of the sun – sunshine is a natural way of heating your pool, particularly during the summer when temperatures begin to soar. Not only is this method highly-effective, but it’s also energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. So cut down excessive foliage which sits around your pool and relocate patio umbrellas where appropriate.

Install a heat pump – this is the perfect alternative if your pool isn’t exposed to direct sunlight. As well as being efficient and economical, heat pumps are also easy to use and incredibly durable, making for the perfect water heating method.

Cover your pool when not in use – although this method won’t actively heat up your pool, it will help to retain the warmth which has already been generated. Simply cover your pool when not in use to reduce the rate at which the water cools. This may also help to lower the cost of your energy bills.

Rectangle swimming pool with pool cover

Advantages of a heated swimming pool

A heated swimming pool can provide you with enjoyment and happiness all year round – this is one way in which a luxury heated swimming can benefit you. Other advantages include:

It won’t be damaged by freezing conditions – when unheated, pools can become damaged by cold temperatures. Pool pumps, surrounding pipes, or the pool tiling or lining could break and eventually buckle as a result of fluctuating temperatures, particularly if you drain your pool before the winter season kicks in.

Added health benefits – swimming is an excellent way to stay fit and healthy and a heated swimming pool will provide an incentive for friends and family to use it. A warmer pool is also ideal for the elderly, particularly if they have muscle pain or joint problems. Young children will also find it comfortable to swim in.

It makes for an enjoyable, pleasant swimming experience – a heated pool adds a level of comfort that an unheated pool can’t. It allows for relaxation at any time of the year, day or night, so you’ll be able to enjoy your pool whenever you’d like. Whether you’re having a pool party late into the evening or going for a quick swim on a crisp fall morning, you’ll have the freedom to do what you wish with a luxury heated swimming pool.

Advantages of a cooler swimming pool

A cooler, unheated pool can provide a variety of benefits, not only can it improve your health, but it will also keep you moving so you’ll never get too cold. Other advantages include:

Boosting your immune system – it’s proven that cold water boosts our white blood cell count. This is because our bodies are forced to react to changing temperatures and conditions. This will enable your body to become more efficient in activating its defences, therefore boosting your immune system.

Improving blood circulation – cold water causes blood to flow to the surface which therefore helps to warm our extremities. Being submerged in cold water can improve our circulation as it flushes our veins, capillaries, and arteries. If this is repeated, we’ll soon be adapted to deal with colder temperatures.

Helps to burn calories – when we’re exposed to the cold, our hearts will pump faster to keep our bodies warm, particularly when swimming in cool water. The rate at which our bodies work to keep us warm will enable us to burn more calories when exercising.

Reduces stress – cold conditions put mental and physical stress on our bodies. However, studies have shown that there’s a specific link between swimming in cold water and the reduction in stress. This may explain why cold water swimmers often appear more calm and relaxed when exercising.

Swimming pool with water features

Morehead Pools are experts in luxury pools, spas and outdoor living. From cocktail pools to commercial pools, we’ll be able to construct the perfect pool for you, meeting all requirements and specifications. For added luxury, we can even install water fountains, waterfalls, tanning ledges, fire features and outdoor kitchens.

To discuss your ideas with one of our specialists, contact us today – we’ll transform your outdoor living space into a beautiful, tranquil oasis.

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