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Top 5 Water Features to Elevate Your Pool’s Aesthetic

A swimming pool in your backyard can be more than just a body of water to entertain the kids. Through the use of movement and sound with water features, you can add many different layers to the beauty and aesthetic of your space.

Not only can moving water help to keep your pool cool in the summer months, but it can also have a wide range of sensory benefits. From the calming tranquility that comes with hearing falling or bubbling water nearby to the therapeutic feel of rushing water over your skin, you can enjoy water features whether you’re actually getting in the pool or just relaxing in your outdoor space.

Here at Morehead Pools, we’ve got five top water feature recommendations to help you elevate the aesthetic of your pool. Call our friendly Shreveport/Bossier City team or request a consultation with us online and create your dream pool today!

Transport yourself with a captivating waterfall

Close your eyes and feel the sensation of tumbling water in your hands and over your body underneath a waterfall. Creating your own personal oasis in your backyard paradise, waterfalls can be designed in a variety of widths and heights. Whether you want a number of smaller waterfalls to adorn your stone surround or a single, centerpiece waterfall, it’s a fantastic way to complete your pool area.

Get playful with water bubblers

Whether you use water bubblers to improve your tanning ledge experience or just for a shallow area of your pool for the kids to enjoy, they add a sense of lively, fluid motion to any pool. Not only does this help to mark the area as being shallow for users, but it also adds sound and texture to your space.

Make a statement with a unique water fountain

Nothing says elegance and beauty quite like a water fountain. As a timeless addition to pools of any size, they can be created either as a simple arrangement of flowing water along the edge of a pool or integrated into a statue for an eye-catching display to wow family and friends. Not only that, but you also get a peaceful ambience from watching the water flow, as well as the bracing sensation of swimming through the falling water while in the pool.

Water fountain ideas for backyard swimming pools

Mimic the rhythm of rain with a rainfall curtain

Watch as sunlight shimmers through a falling rain curtain, providing a constant rhythm of water into your pool. This spectacular visual addition makes a statement and provides the relaxing sound of falling water. You can even position a rain curtain to cascade into your pool so that you can swim through it for a cooling effect.

Create arcs of water with deck jets and laminar

Dramatic and elegant arcs of water dancing through the air are not only mesmerizing to watch, but they also entertain the kids as they splash through the shooting streams created by deck jets and laminars. The difference between a deck jet and a laminar is that the former shoots a small spout of water from the pool surround into the water, while a laminar is a thicker, more solid stream of water. Both can bring your pool to life with different levels of impact depending on what you want to achieve.

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