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When Should I Renovate My Pool?

If you enjoy taking a long, leisurely dip in your swimming pool at the height of summer or gathering friends and family for a pool party, it’s easy to forget about upkeep. Your pool may have looked fantastic when it was first built, but if that was over 10 years ago, it may require some renovation — everything has a lifespan after all! But what is the best time to renovate your pool?

That’s the question we’ll be answering this month at Morehead Pools. We’ll talk you through some of the signs that it’s time for renovation, the best time to have the work done and why, as well as things to consider. So let’s jump right in!

Best time to purchase a pool

Signs it’s time to renovate your pool

Over time, all pools will experience a natural amount of wear. Even if you feel like you don’t use your pool all that often, there are signs to look out for that indicate it’s time to invest in pool renovation, including:

  • Damaged pool – this could be damage to the coping around the pool or the surface of the pool itself. Either way, it’s untidy, unsightly, and it’s also unsafe, so it’s worth tackling as a project.
  • It needs frequent repairs – if you find yourself calling in for professional repairs more and more regularly, it might be time to consider updating things through renovation.
  • Built by the previous owner – if you didn’t install the pool, there’s a good chance you might have different tastes and ideas when it comes to the design.
  • Pool technology developments – with an older pool, you won’t be able to take advantage of the additional features now available to you unless you renovate.

You can read more about these common signs in our previous piece: 5 Common Signs Your Swimming Pool Needs Remodeling.


Why fall is ideal for pool renovations

Ultimately, it’s well understood that fall is the best time for pool renovations. There are several reasons for this, so let’s explore them.


You can spend more time outdoors

If you’ve invested in a pool, you want to maximize the time you get to spend in it. That’s usually through the spring and summer months, so why spoil your fun by planning renovations for this time? Wait for fall and you’ll get quality time outdoors in summer with your family. Then, while your renovations are underway, you won’t miss the access to your pool as much.


More availability for pool contractors

The spring and summer months are usually the busiest times for pool contractors, with new builds in full swing to make the most of the weather. It’s also the time when some people make a spur-of-the-moment decision to have a pool built due to the heat, meaning the fall months are off-season for contractors.

Extra time and breathing room mean you’re more likely to get your renovation and remodeling work booked in, and it hopefully won’t take up as much time as a full pool build.


Better weather conditions

Fall often means milder weather, with less intense heat and fewer storms. All this means that renovation work can be carried out swiftly and without long pauses. Depending on the work being carried out for your pool, the weather conditions shouldn’t matter too much, but if there’s an “ideal” time when it comes to temperature and dryness, fall is the better time.


Your pool will be ready for spring

Coming full circle, the main reason you want your pool fully functional and looking its best is so that you can enjoy it in the spring. That means, if it requires any work, you’re better off getting it done and ready for the following season by booking renovations for the fall months.

It gives time for the work to be completed, while any areas affected by the machinery used in your yard, such as your lawn, will have time to recover. Planning like this means it will feel like you’ve got a brand new pool when the good weather starts to roll around next year!


Things to consider before remodeling

If you’re thinking of remodeling your pool, even if you think it’s only a little bit of renovation work, there are a few things to consider first:

  1. The length of time it may take. Get a realistic timeframe so that you know how long your backyard will be out of action.
  2. Factor in any delays. Poor weather and unexpected structural removal or replacement may add time to the renovations, so be prepared for work to take a little longer in the first place to avoid frustration.
  3. Plan your aesthetics. If you have a look you want to achieve, plan this before engaging with a pool contractor so that you save time and can be clearer on the results you want to achieve through remodeling.
  4. Have a budget. It’s hard to know what renovations will cost, but at Morehead Pools, we can provide help and advice to find out exactly what you need before creating a quote for the work.


For more advice on swimming pool renovation in Shreveport and Bossier City, why not give our team a call? We’ve been helping to build, maintain and remodel pools since the 1960s and we’re members of the Master Pools Guild, so you know you’re getting a premium service from pool builders who know what they’re doing when you choose to work with us.

Tell us about what your pool needs in order to bring it back to life and we’ll be happy to help make it happen.

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