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Pool Lighting Ideas: Create The Right Ambiance

Lighting has always played a huge part in any show. Without light, we wouldn’t be able to see all that we can, but there are so many ways to use light to create the right ambiance, especially when it comes to your pool and your outdoor living area.

To help you choose the right illumination for the atmosphere you’re after, this month at Morehead Pools, we’re going to be talking about all the different options available to you.

Always remember that not only can your lighting set the mood, but it can also play a huge part in safety, which is, of course, always a top concern, especially for those with children.

Beautiful Pool Lighting Ideas

Lights In The Pool

There’s nothing more mesmerizing than the glow of your pool itself, so why not really light things up? That way, when the sun goes down, your pool will take on a whole new mood. Enchanting, futuristic, or calming – you can achieve so much with lights inside your pool

Lights in the pool

Obviously, the first function of pool lights is to give you the use of your pool in the evening or at night, so that you and your family can swim safely, but there are different things you can do. What about different colors? Choose purple for a glowing, intense pool that invites you in, or go for green if you want to make a vibrant statement.

Lights Around The Pool

If you want to keep the atmosphere going for a party or just for you and your partner to enjoy when the sun goes down, strategically-placed lighting around your pool will make the space feel bright but cozy of an evening.

Lights around poolside

You can have lighting arranged to stand out or blend it in with your surrounding foliage and other features. You can even sink lights into the ground for a glamorous effect when making the most of the evening in your yard.

Lights From Overhead

Most pool lighting is at ground level, but to add an extra dimension, why not consider lighting from overhead? You can have lights mounted to the side of your house or built into your trees surrounding the outdoor living space. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a more magical place, plus it’s practical when hosting a party to keep as much light on the situation as possible to avoid accidents and injuries.

Overhead pool lights

Fire Features

Fire and water are opposites, so what better way to create a stunning visual effect than with fire features placed around your pool and outdoor living area? From simple lanterns to larger fire bowls, it’s all about matching your space with the right type of fire lighting.

Fire features

While it may not be your number one source of illumination, it will certainly make your pool area a unique attraction. 

Mix these primal elements and feel like an ancient god or goddess when you take your next swim.

Lights Inside Water Features

Water features are a great addition to any pool, but you can go one step further by combining them with lighting to create an exotic visual landscape. Whether spotlighting fountains and bubblers or bringing a shimmer to your waterfalls, it’s hard to argue with the results when nightfall comes and your yard becomes a luxury paradise all of your own.

Water feature lights

Spa Lighting

Last but not least, let’s not forget your spa. At the end of a long week, you’ll probably want to take a long soak in your home spa. To keep things safe and to create an ambiance long into the night, add some lighting to your spa.

Spa lighting

It doesn’t matter what shape your custom spa is, lighting can still be applied and will look like an alluring spot to while away the hours.

Lighting Tips

Think about colors – Almost any color you set your heart on can be achieved, but if you’re going for more than one color, think about which ones clash and which ones pair well to get the effect you’re after.

Harmonize your different lights – It’s no good having some subtle pool lighting if your overhead lights are going to dominate. Always think about how you can harmonize the different outdoor lighting and pool lighting options available.

Keep safety in mind – If you know your family will want to use the pool after the sun sets, make sure you keep all key areas illuminated to avoid tripping hazards and other accidents. Also, never attempt to fix lighting unless you’re a qualified electrician as this can be extremely dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Work with your designer – It might feel tempting to plan lights everywhere, but even if you know you’re not going to be fitting them, working with a professional pool designer is going to help ensure what you want is achievable.

Pool Lighting by Morehead Pools

Planning a romantic night in the pool or just looking to host the funkiest neighborhood party? Whatever you want for your pool lighting, don’t just rely on the fleeting ambiance of the stars, let our professional team of luxury pool builders at Morehead Pools help. We work with you at every stage, planning the swimming pool lighting and any other lighting to help create the tranquil, memory-making space you desire. 

We’re Master Pools Guild members and operate throughout Shreveport and Bossier City, LA, as well as the surrounding areas. Contact us today to discuss your pool design ideas and we’ll be happy to help with any pool area lighting plans you might have.

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