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Pool Planning Tips For Beginners

Have you been dreaming of having your very own pool in your backyard? If so, then you’ve probably already started to think about the endless possibilities for creating a luxury space tailored to your taste. Whether that’s an infinity pool to enjoy as the sun sets or a freeform pool with outdoor kitchen space for hosting, it can be both exciting to imagine but also tricky to know where to begin.

With all this in mind, this month at Morehead Pools, we wanted to give you a proper guide with pool planning tips for beginners, because it’s hard to know where you’re supposed to start, right? We’ll talk you through how you start to plan a pool, what to expect, and where the experts come into play.

Lanterns around poolside

How do you plan a swimming pool?

You’ve already done one of the most important things: deciding that you want the luxury pool of your dreams. A good place to start after that is to do a sort of self-assessment checklist looking at some of the following:

  • Do you have any cables that run overhead where you plan to place your pool?
  • Do the plans for your home show utility lines running underneath your yard?
  • Is your backyard sloping or flat?
  • Is your backyard part of any protected zones for wildlife or research purposes?
  • If you have a historic property, what is the city policy on installing a pool?
  • Is there good access to the yard for builders and their materials for delivery?
  • What is your budget?
  • Are there any special materials or features you’d like?

Essentially, while you can still dream about what your pool will look like, it’s time to start thinking about some of the more practical elements involved. 

But don’t worry – even if you’re not sure about the amount of space you have, the style you want, or where to place your pool there’s still time to figure all that out with your pool building company.

Luxury swimming pool with water features and fire features

What to expect when planning a pool

As you can imagine, there are different stages to planning a pool and the build itself. To help you understand what to expect when planning a pool, here are the steps we take with all our clients here at Morehead Pools:

  • Consultation Phase – This is the part where we kick everything off. You’ll be connected with a designer from our team who will listen to what you want from your pool and who will offer up some of their own suggestions based on their expertise. We’ll also discuss budgets and approximate timescales here based on the aforementioned scoping.
  • Design Phase – You’ll start to find that things really come together here. We take all that consultation information and start to make plans for your pool from scratch – nothing templated. Depending on how much there is to decide on within your design, this process can be a few days longer or can last several weeks; the important thing is that we get it right for you.
  • Completion Phase – If you weren’t already excited before, you’ll definitely get the goosebumps at this point. We’ll invite you into our offices to view a 3D rendering of your pool project, as well as a detailed proposal that we’ll discuss with you to make sure everything is right and ready to put into action.

When is the best time to start building a pool?

We recently did an entire post covering this topic, complete with the pros and cons of starting your pool build at different times of the year. Ultimately, the right answer to this question is simply: the sooner the better. The sooner you start the process with your chosen pool building company, the sooner you’ll be able to relax and enjoy it.

That said, every home and property is different, so it’s worth discussing your particular plans and budget with the experts. This leads us neatly to our next point…

Expert advice and guidance from Morehead Pools

Swimming pool with water features

It’s easy to dream, but at Morehead Pools, we like to think that we’re the experts at making those grand plans come to life in Shreveport, Bossier City, and the surrounding areas – we are Master Pools Guild members after all. 

Whether you’re after the height of luxury with grand makeover ideas for the whole of your backyard or just something to help you get more out of your space with the family, we provide guidance and advice backed by all the experience we’ve racked up since the 1960s.

Book an appointment for an initial consultation with our design team and let us help you start the journey. 

Make Your Dream Backyard A Reality

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