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What is Pool Coping?

Put simply, pool coping is the concrete or tiling laid around the edge of your pool. It sits on top of your pool shell and is there mainly to stop pool water from getting out and soaking down behind the shell. This leads to it often being called a cap or lip for your pool. Without pool coping you’d have an exposed wall as a surround and that wouldn’t look nice at all!

Your pool coping will also help guide water to any drainage installed into your pool surround, and it has the added bonus of helping to prevent grass and debris from easily entering your pool. It’s not just a practical element of the design though – since it features so heavily in how your pool looks, it’s also a way to make an aesthetic statement.

This month, at Morehead Pools, now that you know what pool coping is and how it’s important to the design of your pool, we’ve got some things you need to consider as well as some inspiration for the different coping styles available.

Things to consider when choosing pool coping

It’s a crucial detail for your pool for all of the reasons we’ve already stated, so here are some of the things you can keep in mind for selecting pool coping:

Pool covers

Coping generally makes it easy to have a pool cover so it’s a practical idea, but think about the type of pool cover you want and how it will integrate over the top of your pool.


Different materials will vary in price and while the difference might not be wild, they can impact the cost of your project. Consider what finish you’d like to achieve and then match your coping to meet your budget.


We all know poolsides can be slippery, so choose a slip-resistant material for your pool coping and help to prevent accidents.


There are different styles of coping that can be applied to your pool for different looks, something that is especially important to help tie together whatever aesthetic you’re trying to achieve elsewhere in your backyard. See our next section for some pool coping ideas…

Pool coping ideas

We know that choosing pool coping might not be something you’ve ever done before, and we want only the best for you. To help inspire you, we’ve got a few different pool coping ideas that you could apply for your very own dream pool.


Rough cut pool coping

This style of pool coping is ideal if you want to tie your pool into any waterfall or grotto feature. It offers a more natural, textured style to your pool edge while still offering all the practical benefits.

Simple brick

Cocktail swimming pool with spa, laminar deck jets and brick coping

If you want to keep things simple and neat, choose a brick-lined coping. It adds a touch of color to contrast with your pool as well as giving your yard a more rustically elegant feel.

Bull-nose coping 

Swimming pool with sheer descent fountains

A classic pool coping style, bull-nose coping uses paving stones (available in a variety of materials) and extends out over the edge of your pool with a stubbed, curved edge. A great way to keep water from splashing out of your pool.

Sheer edged

Luxury pool with fire features, outdoor living and sheer edge coping

If you’re looking to keep clean, tidy lines in your backyard, a sheer edge is ideal. There will still be a ‘top’ provided for the edge of your pool but it will give a seamless look to the surrounding area as well.

So, as a finishing touch, pool coping can offer great aesthetics but also has plenty of practical reasons for existing as part of your pool design. If this article has inspired you and you’d like to discuss your own pool coping design ideas, look no further than Morehead Pools.

Our expert team listens to your dream pool ideas and helps shape the perfect pool for your home, from the coping and lighting to your outdoor living area surrounding the pool. We’re Master Pools Guild members and operate throughout Shreveport and Bossier City, LA, as well as the surrounding areas. Contact us today to speak to us about your pool design ideas and we’ll be happy to talk through your plans and arrange a design appointment to get your project started.

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